Anatomy Plus! Available Easter 2020.

Anatomie Plus teaches the key structures of the human body relevant to movement.

Anatomie Plus! teaches the key anatomical structures of the human body in functional, relatable, fun way. Besides the structural theory applied to movement you are also offered applications and exercises with props that target the specifics.

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Stefanie Zimmermann Castson
Stefanie Zimmermann Castson

About Health & Yoga and me.

Health & Yoga Switzerland as an organization came into being ten years ago. In response to public demand for health and yoga related events. Such as inspiring international teachers, high-quality training, retreats.

I have always loved movement and the positive effects of using the body rightly. The maintenance of health through movement has always felt logical to me. I was trained as a BSc. Physiotherapist in Zurich since 2003. With physiotherapy and the medical know-how as a springboard and the joy of movement as a driving force, I continued my studies in different forms of Yoga in Switzerland and in Canada (Vancouver)-to this day astonished by the positive effects of the practice. I now offer my services as a physiotherapist, yoga therapist, yoga teacher, and educator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts April 1st 2020 till December 31st 2020. All videos & pdfs are downloadable.

What a journey...! I would like to thank you for having me allowed to take you on this journey of (re)discovering the structures in the body and relating them to "smart", informed movement. Whenever we immerse in someones course we say yes to see it through their eyes and have that experience enhance our own. May this course have fulfilled its purpose of creating more awareness through knowledge of the structures of the body and enhance your teachings to come!

Just like ourselves, courses are in ongoing in development. If you would like to share some feedback or input with me, I very much appreciate your message to: [email protected]

With Love, Stefanie

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